May Student of the Month


Kamryn Brown (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Kamryn Brown as our student of the month because Kamryn Brown is an excellent model of a student leader in our classroom. Kamryn is a gentleman, always willing and ready to help his teachers. He works really hard at following instructions and does his work in a timely manner. Kamryn is always looking out for his peers and ready to assist them as well. We love having Kamryn on the Clemson Tigers Team!


Antonio Cirino (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Antonio Cirino as our student of the month because Antonio is an example to other students on improving academically and his behavior.  He is doing an awesome job with his classwork and behavior.  We are so proud of you Antonio. 



Nyles Harrison (Ms. A)

We have selected Nyles  as our student of the month because Nyles has shown so much improvement in his academics and behavior. His leadership skills makes him push his classmates to their full potential. He thinks about others when it comes to everything.


Olivia Lee (Ms. Span)

We have selected Olivia Lee as our student of the month because it is a pleasure to have her in my class. Olivia is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.   She is very courteous and shows good manners in the classroom. She is also kind and helpful to everyone. She is also a conscientious, hard-working student and uses free minutes of class time constructively.


First Grade

Joelle Mitchell (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Joelle Mitchell as our student of the month because of the noticeable changes in her attitude and actions as it relates to both academics and behavior. She puts forth earnest effort to complete daily assignments; including, staying focused and on task. As a result, her overall test grades have also improved. Joelle is also a kind-hearted scholar and if needed, she’s always willing to lend a helping hand to a peer, share supplies as well as helping someone clean-up an accidental mess or spill. Good job Joelle!  I’m so proud of you!

Royalty Davis (Ms. Kardon)

We have selected Royalty Davis  as our student of the month because he is a great leader! Royalty is always working hard, trying his best and completing tasks in the classroom! Royalty is a sweet, kind and helpful friend; he is always thinking of others! We love Royalty!


Second Grade

Daven Mills (Ms. Capobianco)

We have selected Daven Mills as our student of the month because he cares about his friends. Daven can be very helpful in the classroom. He also helps us when we are feeling down! Thank you for being a good school citizen!


Aiden Capers (Ms. Fonger)

We have selected Aiden Capers as our student of the month because he is an outstanding friend! He is very kind to all of his second grade peers and is polite to all of the adults! We love how respectful Aiden is and how much he cares for other people!


Third Grade

Terriona Demps (Ms. Mitchell)

We have selected Terriona Demps as our student of the month because Terri has shown tremendous growth in her attitude and effort




Kari Hicks (Ms. George)

We have selected Kari Hicks as our student of the month because Kari has really embodied the idea of “Other People Matter” consistently throughout the year. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and show people that they matter not just by what she says, but also by what she does. She uses kind words, helps friends when they need it and is always willing to assist her teachers as well. Way to go Kari!!


Fourth Grade

Tailynn Horne (Mr. Jolly)

We have selected Tailynn Horne as our student of the month because Tailynn is a very hard working student who displays leadership qualities on a consistent basis by being honest, making good decisions and always looking to help others. Keep up the good work, Tailynn!


Jaylah Thompson (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Jaylah Thompson  as our student of the month because Jaylah displays consistent leadership qualities and genuinely cares about other people’s health and happiness.



Fifth Grade

A’Niyah Petit-Homme (Ms. Green)

We have selected A’ Niyah Petit Homme as our student of the month because A’Niyah is a good example of caring for others and showing other people that they matter.  In class, she has been known to go and comfort others when they are down.  She will provide a listening ear and often ask can she try to cheer someone up when they are upset. We appreciate her for being attentive to others.  Way to go A’Niyah!!


Mekenzie Siplin (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Mekenzie Siplin as our student of the month because MeKenzie is not only a stellar scholar, but an absolutely phenomenal person. She was chosen as student of the  month, by her peers, because she represents other people matter. She is kind and cares about the feelings of all that she comes in contact with. You can often find her encouraging a scholar that is having a rough day through giving them some of her artwork.


Staff Highlight

Dr. Gibbs (Executive Director)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Dr. Gibbs this month because Dr. Gibbs always puts others first and is the epitome of the Other People Matter Mindset.  Whenever there is an issue or someone needs help she is always willing to jump in and help resolve the situation or find the resources to support. Dr. Gibbs is a great example of the character strength leadership and we appreciate all you do!