April Student of the Month


Jhari Davis (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Jhari Davis as our student of the month because Jhari is an amazing leader who is concerned about her peers. She is always looking for ways to assist them. She can be found comforting a scholar who is having a difficult time, or she can be found helping another scholar with an assignment. Jhari loves helping her teachers as well. Our class enjoys Jhari reading to them! Congratulations Jhari Davis!


Taniyah McCool (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Taniyah

McCool as our student of the month because Taniyah is a kind and helpful scholar.  She is always willing to help her friends.  She is beginning to express herself more.  We are so proud of you!




Carmyn Kendrick

We have selected Carmyn Kendrick as our student of the month because Carmyn is an example of a great scholar. She is always helping others and she has a positive attitude towards learning. She is not afraid to learn new things. She excels in every subject she does. Carmyn loves to help her peers when she sees them struggling in something.


Kion Reddick (Ms. Span)

We have selected Kion Reddick  as our student of the month because Kion is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  He is kind and helpful to everyone in the classroom.  Kion also shows respect for teachers and his peers. It is a pleasure to have Kion as a kindergarten scholar.



First Grade

Bryson Freeman (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Bryson Freeman as our student of the month because Bryson is always in such a great mood and consistently has a smile on his face when he arrives in the morning! He works very hard to stay on task and follows class expectations in “Doing the Right Things, the Right Way.”  He is always willing to lend a helping hand to both the teacher and his peers.  He not only does well on I-ready reading and math, but Bryson consistently completes his homework and finishes all his assignments.  As a result, he does well on assessments administered to the class on a regular basis.  I am so proud of him.  Wonderful job, Bryson!

Xavier Boykin (Ms. Kardon)


Second Grade

Jamir Beal (Ms. Capobianco)

We have selected Jamir Beal as our student of the month because he does a great job of making us giggle throughout the day! We love Jamir’s sense of humor and his mature attitude as well. Jamir always apologizes when needed, follows rules, and is respectful of others. We love you Jamir!


Diego Roberts (Ms. Fonger)






Third Grade

Deon Cribb (Ms. Mitchell)

We have selected Deon Cribb as our student of the month because Deon is extremely respectful and kind to others.

Tiffany Killian (Ms. George)

We have selected Tiffany Killian as our student of the month because Tiffany is such a breath of fresh air! Her sense of humor is infectious. She tends to be unintentionally funny, and she is able to laugh at herself and take a joke very well. Her humor isn’t mean spirited and she laughs WITH others, not at them. Tiffany, we celebrate your humorous take on life!


Fourth Grade

Bradley Freeman (Mr. Jolly)

We have selected Bradley Freeman  as our student of the month because Bradley excels academically and strives for greatness on a daily basis. Mr. Freeman is also very humorous; he tends to make everyone laugh without even trying. Bradley is a great friend to his peers and appreciates the good in others. Great job, Bradley!


Layla Reeves (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Layla Reeves as our student of the month because Layla has a great sense of humor and she always sees the best in others, she can be friends with anybody in class.


Fifth Grade

Johnnie Hoover (Ms. Green)

We have selected Johnnie Hoover as our student of the month because  Johnnie has shown that he cares about his fellow students and is sure to brighten up a bad day. He is kind and shows good character in the classroom.



Jerome Rogers (Mr. Moore/Ms. Ewing)

We have selected Jerome Rogers as our student of the month because Over the past few weeks Jerome has shown a great improvement in his work and his attitude towards school. He comes to school everyday with a good attitude, ready to learn, and ready to collaborate with his peers. This does not only apply to English but also with math and science, Jerome is enthusiastic about his work and is always willing to participate and help others. He is truly a joy to have in class and it shows in the effort he puts into his work on a daily basis.


Staff Highlight

Ms. Wesley (Receptionist)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. Wesley this month because Ms. Wesley is always so calm and kind to students, staff, parents each and every day.  She is our first line of defense in the front office and we appreciate the multitasking she has to do.  Thank you Ms. Wesley for making us laugh, and keeping us in line!