April Student of the Month


Kingston Fedd (Ms. Bourne)

Kingston is becoming more attentive and focused on doing his best every day. It shows in his classwork as well as his behavior. He asks for help whenever he needs it. We are proud of Kingston’s progress!

Talia Myers (Ms. Copeland)

Talia is caring and very kind to all her classmates. She always tries her best at school. She loves to participate with her peers and sesms to love learning. Talia is growing in all areas of her school day. We are so proud of you!


Tysen Alderman (Ms. Daniels)

Tysen has greatly improved his attitude towards school and found motivation to complete all his work. He always asks to help his classmates and help around the classroom Keep up the hard work Tysen!

Kingston Sanders (Ms. Willis)

Kingston always comes to school excited and ready to learn. He is always eager to participate and be a leader in the classroom. We are so proud of Kingston.

First Grade

Cianni Willis (Ms. Capobianco)

Cianni always keeps us laughing and entertained! She is helpful to not only our teachers but our whole class family. She is always willing to help a friend in need.

Kaleb Hill (Ms. Fonger)

Kaleb always makes us laugh with his sense of humor! He is an awesome scholar. Kaleb plays fairly and treats everyone with respect. We love you Kaleb!

Second Grade

Ethan Ward (Ms. Hughes)

Ethan is respectful and a great leader!

Malik Williams (Ms. Kardon)

Malik has shown a lot of growth socially and emotionally. He is very intelligent and has been treating his friends with kindness and compassion. We love Malik!

Third Grade

Warren Jones (Ms. Butler)

Warren consistently enters the classroom with amazing social intelligence in regards to his peers. His actions help contribute to our classroom community by being positive. Warren is consistently lending his help to classmates and works very well with others. Congratulations, Warren!

Gabby Littles (Ms. George)

Gabby is a student fully in touch with the more humorous side of her personality. She always uses humor to connect with her peers and her teachers.

Fourth Grade

Albert Walker (Mr. Jolly)

Albert is a very hardworking students and is always looking to improve. He is active and engaged during our lessons and treats others with respect.

Ayden Boger (Ms. Davis)

Ayden has really worked hard at staying on task and becoming a role model. He is doing well in class and trying hard every day.

Fifth Grade

Destinee Dailey (Ms. Angelica)

Destinee is always helpful to her classmates. Her attitude has improved and matured since the beginning of the year.

Harmoni Shepherd (Mr. Moore)

Harmoni’s sense of humor is second to none. She is always smiling and making jokes that keep everyone smiling and feeling good about themselves. She lights up the class.

Staff Highlight

Ms. Wesley (Receptionist)

Ms. Wesley is always very flexible and willing to take the time to assist others. She is always covering a class while helping with other tasks, not questions asked. Ms. Wesley is a true team player. We appreciate you!