To be eligible for admission, Pre-Kindergarten applicants must be 4-years-old on or before September 1, 2021, and Kindergarten applicants must be 5-years-old. All accepted scholars must provide valid documentation to include proof of birth age, Florida certification of immunization or exemption, proof of physical examination by a Florida-licensed health professional, proof of residency, and meet the following school registration requirements under Florida Law.

Pre-Kindergarten classes at Tiger Academy include the 3-hour state-provided Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten session at no cost to our parents, with additional developmental and academic activities available for the remainder of the day for a fee, which may be covered in several ways based on each family’s needs. Our full Pre-K school day is from 8:00am until 3:30pm, however, those times may be adjusted based on each child’s need(s). The goal of Pre-K is to prepare children to enter Kindergarten well-prepared, ready to learn and achieve their highest potential.

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Pre-Kindergarten Application

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Kindergarten – 5th Grade Applications

2021-2022 Application

Enrollment 2021-2022

Kindergarten – 0 Seats Open

1st Grade – 0 Seats Open

2nd Grade – 0 Seats Open

3rd Grade – 0 Seats Open

4th Grade – 2 Seats Open

5th Grade – 2 Seats Open

According to controlled school choice option, out-of-county students may apply to Tiger Academy. If there is an applicant outside the Duval County, the applicant will follow the same timeline to apply. If the school still has any opening after giving priority to Duval County applicants, and waiting list students are called, remaining spots will be available to out of Duval County applicants in the order they applied in each grade level.

Re-Enrollment Process for Current Students

The current student re-enrollments are to be accepted online during January of the preceding school year. Paper re-enrollment forms are available upon request. Parents will receive re-enrollment verification notices.

Enrollment Process for New Students

New applications are accepted for the succeeding school year from February 1st until March 31st of the preceding school year. All registrants must complete an enrollment application. Paper applications are available upon request. Preferences for siblings and staff are acknowledged.

The lottery will take place in April of the preceding school year, in the presence of a parent and a minimum of three school officials. Registrants will receive lottery results via email and/or text, immediately after the lottery is conducted. Students who do not receive a seat will receive wait-list status information and if a seat becomes available during the school year—parents are notified of the available seat.