Volunteers are a vital part of student success at Tiger Academy. The faculty and staff at Tiger Academy encourage interested parents/guardians and the community to join us in our mission to provide every student with a high quality education. You can help by becoming a volunteer today! Parents are required to volunteer 20 hours for one child and 30 hours for two or more children each school year.

To ensure the safety of our students, volunteers must complete an application and undergo a criminal background screening, free of charge. Designated school staff will verify volunteer clearance using our online process.

Become a Volunteer Today!

Our volunteer process has changed! All forms and trainings are located in one place.

1. Apply Online: Volunteer Application

2. Click on the blue volunteer button.

3.  If you are a first time user, click the register button.  If not, click login.

4. Complete the applications, online trainings (or click to complete later) and submit.

5.  Click on “My Profile” to see any incomplete documents.

6.  Email Ms. Jessie Didier at jdidier@fcymca.org to ensure your application is complete and reference email can be sent.


**Please remember to sign in and out using the Volunteer Book in the front office.

  •  Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.
  •  All volunteers must be cleared through the YMCA’s volunteer application.
  •  Please be sure that you complete the volunteer application a minimum of two weeks prior to any scheduled volunteer activity.
  • If you don’t have access to a computer, you may use a computer at Tiger Academy in the Parent Resource Room.


How Can You Help?

We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors.

If children receive the chance early in life to blossom educationally, families grow stronger and neighbors unite in common purpose, the statistics will show educational strides and changes in community that could only be born of innovative efforts and the committed individuals that make them a reality.

  1. Read stories to children
  2. Listen to children read
  3. Conduct flash card drills
  4. Provide individual help in the classroom
  5. Assist in learning centers (Y READS!)
  6. Set up learning centers (Small group, in-class)
  7. Make and/or play instructional games
  8. Play games at recess
  9. Prepare visual materials
  10. Help grade papers
  11. Prepare bulletin boards
  12. Help with Book Fair
  13. Reinforce reading fluency
  14. Assist with field trips
  15. Make props for plays
  16. Gather resource materials
  17. Set-up experiments
  18. Discuss careers or hobbies
  19. Reinforce learning the alphabet
  20. Reinforce recognition of numbers
  21. Drill recognition of color words
  22. Mentoring
  23. Help children with motor skill problems
  24. Help children learn a foreign language
  25. Play a musical instrument for the class
  26. Help students play instruments
  27. Dramatize a story
  28. Help with handwriting practice
  29. Set up “grocery store” to practice math skills
  30. Drill spelling words
  31. Assist with sing-a-longs (Pre-k – K)
  32. Discuss care and training of pets
  33. Demonstrate different artistic abilities
  34. Discuss farm life and farm animals
  35. Demonstrate gardening skills
  36. Help prepare assembly programs
  37. Discuss holidays and special occasions
  38. Discuss aspects of safety (in and out of school)
  39. Demonstrate pioneer crafts
  40. Help office staff with mass mailings