Standards of Behavior


Violations of the Standards of Student Behavior are grouped into four classes:

  • Minor, Class
  • Intermediate, Class II
  • Major, Class III
  • Zero Tolerance, Class IV

Each classification is followed by a disciplinary procedure that is to be implemented by the principal/designee.

It is understood that when a violation of the Standards of Student Behavior occurs, the student’s explanation shall be heard by the principal/designee before determining the classification of the violation. The principal or designee will review each case individually before assigning consequences. State Board of Education Administrative Rules 6A.3.0171 (2A) describes responsibilities of the school principal or other designated staff.

Classroom teachers will address general classroom disruptions by taking appropriate in-class disciplinary actions. These include, but are limited to, personal calls to parents, parent/teacher conferences, referral to a guidance counselor, etc. If such measures do not desist the disruption, a disciplinary referral is appropriate. (Failure to bring notebook, pencil, books, required materials and equipment to class, or failure to work in class, are not cause for disciplinary referrals.)

Documents Related to Student Behavior

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