Parents & Visitors

At Tiger Academy, we welcome parents and volunteers to campus. Your involvement with your student is vital to their success. Please be aware that for the safety and security of our whole school, we do have specific requirements for parents and visitors on campus. All visitors must present a valid, government issued ID card and check in at the front desk.

In addition, contact with any students on campus, other than your own, will require you to fill out a volunteer application/background screening. This form MUST be filled out at least 2 days prior to shadowing, volunteering, lunch visits, or field trip chaperoning.

Parents/guardians of Tiger Academy students must commit to being an active partner in their child’s education. The Parental Engagement Contract MUST be signed as a condition of a child’s enrollment.

Parents must adhere to the following standards, as adopted by the Tiger Academy Board of Directors:

As a parent/guardian of a student at Tiger Academy, I must…

  1. Recognize and embrace my role as having primary responsibility for the education of my child(ren).
  2. Attend all conferences scheduled with any member of the Tiger Academy staff.
  3. Volunteer 20 hours per year for one child and 30 hours for two or more children, at a capacity that is sensitive to the needs of the school.
  4. Provide transportation to and from school for my child(ren). If I am late picking up my child(ren), I understand that I will be charged for after‐school care at the applicable rate. If my child is continually tardy, I understand that for the benefit of my child’s education, he/she may be required to attend a school that is more accessible.
  5. Provide uniforms for my child(ren) and ensure my child(ren) abide/s by the approved school dress code.
  6. Supply a healthy lunch and snack each school day for my child(ren).
  7. Be responsible for timely payment of any charges (lost textbooks, damages, late fees, etc.) accrued at Tiger Academy.
  8. Participate in Tiger Academy Parent‐Teacher Resource Group meetings which are scheduled monthly throughout the school year.
  9. Encourage my child(ren) to adhere to Tiger Academy’s Standards of Student Behavior.

Parents must also agree to do the following:

  1. To read and use information sent home by the school to keep parents informed of the academic topics to be introduced and studied in the classroom.
  2. To provide a suitable time and place within the home for homework.
  3. To assist my child in obtaining and regularly using a library card at the public library.
  4. To have my child read 30 minutes daily.
  5. To limit television and video games during the week and allow more time for reading, studying, and family time.
  6. To review and sign my child’s action agenda nightly.
  7. To encourage my child to research his or her academic level with deep commitment and enthusiasm for learning.