Benchmark Advance

Benchmark Advance provides a purposefully designed framework that connects K-6 students to the world through diverse texts and explicit instruction of literacy skills in service of building knowledge and perspectives over time while supporting high expectations and achievement for every learner.

  • Supports Social and Emotional growth for all learners
  • Promotes constructive conversations
  • Diverse Text /Authentic Literature
  • Explicit instruction with target practice in phonics, reading and writing


Florida Reveal

Reveal Math® is a balanced elementary math program, that develops the problem solvers of tomorrow by incorporating both inquiry-focused and teacher-guided instructional strategies within each lesson.​ Instructional routines are embedded within every Reveal Math lesson to support a productive classroom.

  • Number Routines Support the development of fluency with targeted concepts, prerequisite skills, and mental math strategies at the start of every lesson.
  • Math Language Routines Adjust the way students organize and communicate their own ideas and clarify the ideas of others throughout the lesson.
  • Sense-Making Routines Build conceptual understanding by making sense of mathematical concepts at the base for every lesson.

Differentiation within Reveal Math provides a variety of engaging, multi-modal activities in different delivery options that any student can access based on the area they need to focus on most for that lesson. Reveal Math also offers a comprehensive set of assessment tools that include diagnostic, formative, and summative tools.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® has carefully aligned its K–12 science programs to meet the demands of the Florida Assessments. HMH® provides a wide variety of supplemental resources to support the way you teach science in today’s diverse classrooms. HMH Florida Science requires that students ask questions, state claims, test their ideas, and find resolution through reasoning. With built-in support and a transformed lesson structure, instructors become facilitators who empower their students to learn through self-directed exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—in short, to think like scientists. Students enjoy multimodal learning through our dynamic, integrated print and digital components and gain a deeper understanding of science concepts.

Social Studies


How do we make a better world, a world of respect and equality? Social studies embraces democratic values, community, and cultural diversity. Pearson supports the framework of the National Council of Social Studies. Pearson believes in a deep understanding of civic issues, connected communities, and global conversation.

Academic Support Programs


i-Ready makes the promise of differentiated instruction a practical reality for teachers and students. It was designed to get students excited about learning, and to support teachers in the challenge of meeting the needs of all learners. Through the power of one intuitive system whose pieces were built from the ground up to work together, teachers have the tools they need to ensure students are on the road to proficiency.

J and J Science Bootcamp

Educational Bootcamp offers teacher resources, hands-on fun and games that are rigorous, yet fun to play, and develop the core mathematics and science skills necessary for students to master the state assessment. The Educational Bootcamp products are an effective researched-based intervention for classrooms and/or small groups of students.

  • The Science Speed Bag Game allows students to illustrate science concepts as indicated in the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.
  • The Science Laboratory 2.0 Booklet is reproducible and includes student lab forms for each lesson aligned specifically to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Weekly hands-on experiments will increase student knowledge of the Nature of Science Cluster.
  • The Scienceables® Booklet is reproducible and includes foldable instructions and a template for each benchmark. This sorting activity may be used as an assessment or a template to record notes and/or review for quizzes related to the benchmark.
  • The Science Benchmark Power Drill includes 32 power drills aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.
  • The Benchmark Power Drill is equivalent to a textbook in PowerPoint form. It is filled with visual representations that keep students attentive and actively engaged in the lesson aligned to the student workbook and/or the state standards.

ED Basecamp is our schools’ online resource used to support classroom curriculum or as an intervention. It is the go-to when you need a technology-based center or a stay-at-home learning management system (LMS) on those occasions that your students have to learn from the home. And most importantly, our curriculum is aligned to state standards, helps build depth of knowledge, and maintains the skills learned.

Achieve 3000

Achieve 3000 is a supplemental online literacy program that provides nonfiction reading content to students in grades preK–12 and focuses on building phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. Achieve3000® is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiated online instruction. Teachers use the program with an entire class but the assignments are tailored to each student’s reading ability level. For example, teachers assign an article and related activities to an entire class; the program then tailors the version of the article to each student by automatically increasing the difficulty of text when a student is ready for more challenging text.

Achieve3000® provides lessons that follow a five-step routine: (1) respond to a Before Reading Poll, (2) read an article, (3) answer activity questions, (4) respond to an After Reading Poll, and (5) answer a Thought Question. Progress reports and student usage data, provided by the online tool, enable teachers to track both whole-class and individual student progress. The program is designed for diverse student groups, including general education students, struggling readers in need of intensive tutoring, and English learners.

Smarty Ants

Smarty Ants is under the Achieve 3000 umbrella but its geared toward grades Prek-2. Smarty Ants helps to build foundational reading skills in an interactive and adaptive environment.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

Per 6A-1.0955 For any online educational service that a student is required to use, a school must provide notice on its website of the PII information that may be collected, how it will be used, when it will be destroyed and the terms of re-disclosure. This notice must include a link to the online educational service’s terms of service and privacy policy, if publicly available.

Click here to view the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for each online platform that is used by students, or houses student PII, at Tiger Academy.

Grade Reporting

Report Cards will be sent home at the end of each nine (9) weeks. This is a means of informing parents/guardians of the student’s progress, or lack of progress, in each subject. Progress reports will be sent the fifth week of each quarter.