Tiger Academy School Uniform

The Tiger Academy school uniform supplier is Poindexter’s Uniform Company. Students are required to purchase the Tiger Academy school uniforms from Poindexter’s Uniform Company with the exception of shoes and the PE Uniform. The PE uniforms are available for purchase at Tiger Academy.

Boys                                                                        Girls

Shirt: Tiger Academy Collared White Shirt              Shirt: Tiger Academy Collared White Shirt

Tiger Academy Collared Navy Blue Shirt                Tiger Academy Collared Navy Blue Shirt

Pants: Khaki                                                             Pants: Khaki

Walking Shorts: Khaki                                              Skirt: Khaki

Shoes: Closed Toe Brown or Black                          Skort: Khaki

                                                                                 Shoes: Closed Toe Brown or Black


Note- Girls are not allowed to wear shorts

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Boys and Girls are required to wear ties on Mondays.

All Boys are required to have their shirts tucked into their pants.


Unisex Embroidered Polo                                $12.00

Unisex Tiger Academy Fleece                         $45.00

Girls Flat Front Pants                                        $14.00

Girls Scooter                                                       $12.00

Girls Hipster Scooter                                         $16.00

Boys Flat Front Pants                                         $14.00

Boys Flat Front Husky Pants                             $16.00

Boys Flat Front Shorts                                       $12.00

Boys Flat Front Husky Shorts                            $14.00




Tiger Academy PE Uniform

Child Gym Shorts $6.00
Child T-Shirt $6.00
Child Sweatpants $10.00
Child Hoodie $14.00
Adult Gym Shorts $6.00
Adult T-Shirt $10.00
Adult Sweatpants $11.00
Adult Hoodie (S-XL) $16.00
Adult Hoodie (2X-3X) $17.00


Students wear PE uniforms with any color sneakers on PE days:

3rd – 5th Grades: Tuesdays

Pre-K – 2nd Grades: Thursdays