Standard 5

Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement

The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.

Indicator 5.1

The school establishes and maintains a clearly defined and comprehensive student assessment system.

ST 5.1 Closing the Gap for Intermediate Students
ST 5.1 Evaluation Procedures – Classroom Walk-Through 1 Classroom Environment
ST 5.1 Teacher_Eval_Handbook_2015-2016

Indicator 5.2

Professional and support staff continuously collect, analyze, and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation, and organizational conditions.

ST 5.2 Continuous Improvement Plan-Guided Reading Instructional Plan Nov 16-20 2015Harper
ST 5.2 Curriculum Committee Sep 2016
ST 5.2 SIP_2016-17_16-Duval_1211-Tiger_Academy

Indicator 5.3

Professional and support staff are trained in the evaluation, interpretation, and use of data.

ST 5.3 3121- 3-5 ELA Thursday PLC
ST 5.3 3121- 3-5 Math Thursday PLC
ST 5.3 3121- 2014-15 2nd Grade PLC
ST 5.3 3121- K-1st-2nd- Tuesday PLC Attendance Sheets
ST 5.3 3121- Sept. 30th- iReady Training
ST 5.3 Assessment PD Requests
ST 5.3 Data Trainings – Agenda Primary PLC 10-03-16
ST 5.3 Data Trainings – Class Profile Sheet 2016-2017
ST 5.3 Data Trainings – Class Report Form
ST 5.3 PLC i-Ready Data Chats

Indicator 5.4

The school engages in a continuous process to determine verifiable improvement in student learning, including readiness for and success at the next level.

ST 5.4 Intervention Screener Report Fall 2016
ST 5.4 i-Ready Intervention Screener Math
ST 5.4 i-Ready Intervention Screener Reading
ST 5.4 i-Ready Student Growth 15-16 Math
ST 5.4 i-Ready Student Growth 15-16 Reading
ST 5.4 PLC Meeting Minutes 5.22.14
ST 5.4 ReadingChart DRA Lextile Levels
ST 5.4 Reports of Student Growth – 2015-2016 i-Ready Diagnostic Results 3rd-5th Grade

Indicator 5.5

Leadership monitors and communicates comprehensive information about student learning, conditions that support student learning, and the achievement of school improvement goals to stakeholders.

ST 5.5 Board Newsletter May 2015
ST 5.5 February 25 2016 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
ST 5.5 Governance Committee Meeting Minutes April 16 2015
ST 5.5 June 30 2016 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
ST 5.5 Minutes of September 14 2013 Board Retreat
ST 5.5 September 6 2014 Board of Directors Retreat Minutes – Final