December Student of the Month


Taylor Battle (Ms. Bourne)

Taylor is very respectful, quiet, willing to learn, loves school, and speaks well to others. Taylor is a joy to be around.



Aiden White (Ms. Copeland)

Aiden is an awesome student. He is gentle, caring and kind to all his classmates. He loves learning new things. We enjoy having Aiden on our “team”. We are so PROUD of you!





Noel Thomas (Ms. Daniels)

Noel is a first time listener. She has always been a positive role model for all students to follow. She is respectful, kind, and always uses her manners. Her kindness towards others truly exemplifies how amazing she is and how much she cares for others.


Audriana Kempt (Ms. Willis)

Audriana has a positive attitude and a smile. She is a virtual scholar and she is very considerate and caring. She is a true role model.




First Grade

Andriana Covington (Ms. Capobianco)

Andriana is a good friend to all! She helps us out when we need help, shows integrity, and is a good teammate. Andriana shows kindness each day!

J.R. Green (Ms. Fonger)

J.R. always shows self-control. He is a great scholar who leads by example. He always does the right thing the first time. We are so proud of him! We love having him in our class.




Second Grade

Richard Anderson (Ms. Kardon)

Richard has consistently been making smart choices. He is a great helper and very smart!

Marcel Williams (Ms. Hughes)

“We voted for Marcel because he is focused and a leader”





Third Grade

Jaylah Thompson (Ms. George)

This month’s character trait is kindness and Jaylah models this often when she helps friends with work or on devices. She also is an encourager to Ms. George with kind notes and pictures.



Arielle Harris (Ms. Butler)

Arielle is ever ready to help a friend in need. Arielle is positive, kind, and considerate of others. Her creative bent can always be seen in how she uses her skills when working in small groups. Not to mention her ability to see when others are lost or need a little push to finish well.



Fourth Grade

Johnnie Hoover (Ms. Billups)

Johnnie is always thinking of ways he can help those around him. He always makes wise choices. He sets his goals and seeks to achieve them. Johnnie isn’t afraid to ask for help.



JaBre’ Sneed (Ms. Davis)

JaBre’ always works hard and follows directions. He is always kind to his peers. He is also very helpful to both his teachers and his peers.


Fifth Grade

Ariel Rogers (Mr. Moore)

Kindness is truly a part of this young lady’s DNA. Ms. Rogers is always considerate and thinking about others. Others matter to her and it shows daily through groups and even during free activities. Her picture could be located next to the word.


Ja’Niyah Williams (Ms. Angelica)


Staff Highlight

Ms. Davis – 4th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Ms. Davis is out of this world positive about her students and way of work. She has a great attitude and always says “thank you” no matter how big or small the task may be. We appreciate you and all you do!!