December Student of the Month


Jorden Span (Ms. Bourne)

Jorden is very respectful and willing to help his peers. Jo

rden is quiet and reserved, but he is not afraid to speak up when necessary. Jorden’s cognitive ability is developing on a consistent basis. Ms. Thomas and our entire Clemson team celebrate his success and we are extremely proud of him!


Cameron Brown (Ms. Copeland)

Cameron has such a love for learning! He is always listening and eager to learn new things. Cameron could teach other scholars because he listens and comprehends so well. We are so proud of you!




Carmyn Kendrick (Ms. Ciopryna)

Carmyn is such a delight to have in class. She is a student who wastes no time! She comes to class prepared and ready to work. Carmyn participates in class, and follows instructions. Because of her outstanding work habits as a student, she excels academically as well.

Jayla Long (Ms. Span)

It is a pleasure to have Jayla in my classroom. Jayla gets all of her work done on time and she is kind to others. She also participates in class and follows instructions. On top of being a great student, Jayla is also a great person,. She is friendly, kind and always smiling.



First Grade

Leiah Lundy (Ms. Gray)

Leiah is such a warm-hearted and kind student. She always has a smile on her face. She is friendly, courteous and one of the first ones to lend a helping hand. She’s the type of student who’s eager to learn and participate in lessons being taught. Leiah also strives to do the “right things, the right way” and sets a great example for others to follow. It is such a pleasure to recognize this student for the month of December. Congratulations Leiah! Keep up the great work!

Coby Bryce (Ms. Kardon)

Coby is new to Tiger this year but instantly jumped into our routines and has been a wonderful addition to our class. Coby is a kind friend, loves learning and is very polite. We love Coby!



Second Grade

Ra’Nyla Jones (Ms. Capobianco)

Ra’Nyla has continued to practice controlling her feelings! We also voted for Ra’Nyla because she can be very forgiving. We love her her heart forgives and that she is a good friend.



Eri’yana McAlister (Ms. Fonger)

Eri’yana is always kind to her peers. We all agree she is a great scholar, friend and shows self-control daily. We love the way Eri’yana makes us feel. She is such an amazing leader in our class!



Third Grade

Aaliyah Mott

Aaliyah is such a kind and gentle scholar. She uses kind words and soft speech with peers and adults to cheer them up and help them feel better.




Shi’Juana Johnson (Ms. George)

Shi’Juana is an excellent example of self-control and kindness. Even when she might want to do other things, she remains focused on following directions and class norms, as well as being kind to others.



Fourth Grade

Layla Reeves (Mr. Jolly)

Layla is a very positive and high-spirited person who enjoys brightening up everyone’s day. Layla is also a very caring scholar, constantly looking for ways to help her fellow scholars. Keep up the great work Layla!



Kendrick Thornes (Ms. Davis)

Kendrick really tries hard to make great choices. He is always nice to his teachers and is the first to admit his mistakes. Kendrick always treats his peers with respect.




Fifth Grade

Noah Buie (Ms. Green)

Noah treats others nicely. When our class has circle time he shared his thoughts about how we should show good sportsmanship when we play an activity. Way to go Noah!



Ayden Boger (Mr. Moore)

Ayden consistently displays a caring for others. Ayden is constantly displaying his heart for others through his generosity around the school and off campus. Just this past week Ayden cleaned up behind his peers and gave money to the homeless as well as to a man he witnessed working hard. Ayden chooses to be an understanding citizen.


Staff Highlight

Ms. Span (Kindergarten Teacher)

Ms. Span is always a team player and willing to jump in wherever she is needed with a positive attitude. Ms. Span is always a great example of our character strength “Other People Matter”. Thanks for all you do!