February Student of the Month


Carmoni Webb (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Carmoni Webb as our student of the month because Carmoni has really blossomed both socially and academically. She shows empathy and loves to help. Carmoni loves to laugh, she has a great attitude, and shows interest in her work. She comes to school ready to learn and is now able to work more independently. Ms. Thomas and I enjoy working with Carmoni. Way to go, Carmoni!!!


Kendall Killian (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Kendall Killian as our student of the month because Kendall is a wonderful scholar who shows kindness and caring everyday to her teachers and classmates.  She is also a great role model and has such a love for learning.  We are so proud of you, Kendall.  L.E.G.O.!!!😊



Journee Jenkins (Ms. Ciopryna)

We have selected Journee Jenkins  as our student of the month because she is a joy to have in the class. She follows directions the first time. She is always helping others any way she can without being asked to.  Journee has improved tremendously in her behavior and schoolwork.

Ja’Lea Alderman (Ms. Span)

We have selected Ja’Lea Alderman as our student of the month because Ja’Lea is a joy to have in our kindergarten class this year.  She is very caring and loving towards her peers.  Ja’Lea comes into class, gets busy working on her assignments, participates in class, and follows instructions.


First Grade

Kendall Benefield (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Kendall Benefield as our student of the month because it’s wonderful having Kendall in our class. She’s always in such a great mood and consistently has a smile on her face when she arrives in the morning! Kendall follows class expectations on “Doing the Right Things, the Right Way,” with ease.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand to both the teacher and her peers.  She stays on task, focused and works hard at completing all assignments.  Kendall also uses I-ready on a regular basis and her growth on the I-ready diagnostic for reading exceeded 100%.  I am so proud of her.  I could not have asked for a kinder scholar.   Wonderful job, Kendall!

Germani Nelson (Ms. Kardon)

We have selected Germani Nelson as our student of the month because she has been growing in her academics and her behavior. She has been controlling her emotions and taking care of her needs without distracting and disrupting the learning of others!


Second Grade

Brooklyn Fedd (Ms. Fonger)

We have selected Brooklyn Fedd as our student of the month because Brooklyn is a very loving friend! She is kind to everyone! She is always helping others in our classroom and is always cheering others on. We love having Brooklyn as a member of our class family. Her smile is contagious! We love you, Brooklyn!


Mar’Kel Walker (Ms. Capobianco)

We have selected Mar’Kel Walker as our student of the month because she is always cheering on other people’s successes. Mar’Kel is so happy when a classmate gets an answer correct and always cheers for us when we are praised. We love that Mar’Kel is a supportive friend!


Third Grade

Zavier Gipson (Ms. Hughes)

We have selected Zavier Gipson as our student of the month because Zavier is learning how to respond in humility when he has to acknowledge that he has made a mistake or made a poor decision. He is becoming quick to apologize and try to correct his behavior to the best of his ability.


Ambree Watkins (Ms. George)

We have selected Ambree Watkins as our student of the month because Ambree comes to school enthusiastic about learning and ready to grow and improve on his last performance. He loves to show what he has learned and he eagerly participates in class discussions and activities. Way to go Ambree!!!


Fourth Grade

Africa Harris (Mr. Jolly)

We have selected Africa Harris  as our student of the month because Africa always comes to class with tons of enthusiasm and loves to celebrate the success of others. Great job Africa!



Aiyana Lundy (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Aiyana Lundy as our student of the month because Aiyana is a very positive and enthusiastic student who is always looking to celebrate the success of her fellow classmates. Congratulations, Aiyana!

Fifth Grade

Noah Buie (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Noah Buie as our student of the month because he shows great enthusiasm at all times. He is always very confident in his assignments. An example of this would be when he took the FSA practice for writing, he pumped us up and was ready to get it done, while many said it looks like a lot of work. The majority of the time he can be very quiet, however just by looking at his actions you can clearly see enthusiasm. Mr. Buie is always eager to get homework in his quest for knowledge. We chose him because he has many ways that he shows his enthusiasm for just being.

Nyla Groomes (Ms. Green)

We have selected Nyla Groomes as our student of the month because Nyla shows compassion.  She helps other students when needed.  She also lifts others and cheers them up when they succeed.  Overall, she is a kind and caring child and a role model student in my class.


Staff Highlight

Ms. Gray (1st Grade)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. Gray this month because Ms. Gray is always very positive and has a warm attitude when you are around her.  She is so calm and loving with her students.  Her teachings surpass the classroom with life lessons she instills with them by having them use “I” statements for accountability and affirmations. It is so nice to have her as a part of Team Tiger! 🙂