February Student of the Month


Journee Jenkins (Ms. Bourne)

Journee has a great attitude towards school and learning! She makes friends easily and is always ready to help others. She is a good teacher assistant! We are proud of you, Journee!



Alayna Blunt (Ms. Copeland)

Alayna is a very sweet and caring girl. She is a great student and teacher helper. Alayna has shown a lot of growth and has great leadership qualities. We are so proud of you.


Bryson Freeman (Ms. Daniels)

Bryson has shown tremendous growth and maturity. He has a love for learning and he works extremely hard on his assignments. Bryson loves helping his peers and helping around the classroom. He has been a great addition to our “Team”. We love you Bryson!



Prince Maddox (Ms. Willis)

Prince has transitioned from virtual to face-to-face very well. He is at school on time and is very loving towards his classmates. He is an awesome scholar!

First Grade

Jourdynn Long (Ms. Capobianco)

Jourdynn is a great citizen. Jourdynn is always friendly and helps us when we are hurt! Jourdynn even lets us skip her in line. She is a great friend who cares about her class family. We love you Jourdynn!



Cameron Coffey (Mrs. Fonger)

Cameron is loving and kind. He is a true friend who shows compassion for others. We are so thankful for Cameron. He shows integrity by being honest.




Second Grade

Terence Oates (Ms. Hughes)

Terence is a model class citizen. He is helpful and kind to all his pears.




Mar’kel Hutchinson (Ms. Kardon)

When faced with a challenge, Mar’kel perseveres and is always successful. He is kind and always helpful. Mar’Kel consistently sits in listening position on the carpet.




Third Grade

Theron Jerdio (Ms. Butler)

Theron is consistently putting his best perspective into practice with his academic success and contributing to our class community. Theron is diligent and thought provoking, not to mention the kindest big brother around.



Jacques Frere (Ms. George)

Jacques was chosen as student of the month because of his integrity that he consitently shows. He is honest and sincere and does not pretend to be someone he is not.




Fourth Grade

Aniyah Petit-Homme (Ms. Davis)






Fifth Grade

Iszabella Jamison (Mr. Moore)

Iszabella is the poster child for all things integrity. She is an honest leader who displays morality for all to see. She is one who “keeps it 100” (as the kids would say) with everyone and she stands for what she believes in.



Staff Highlight

Ms. Price-Forehand (Math Interventionist)

Ms. Price-Forehand has been a great teammate. She is always flexible and jumps right in with a “whatever it takes” attitude. Ms. Price-Forehand works so hard with multiple grade levels to help. We appreciate you!