January Student of the Month


Britian Moss (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Britian Moss as our student of the month because she makes choices everyday that show she is growing and developing her social skills as well as her academic skills. Britian is always on task, ready to learn and shows empathy for others. She is a leader and we love having her in our class! Way to go Britian!!!


Jazmine Malone (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Jazmine Malone as our student of the month because Jazmine is a first time listener. She sets a great example for the other scholars to follow.  She has a beautiful handwriting. We are so proud of your growth.  LEGO Jazmine!!




Kaileah Jenkins (Ms. Ciopryna)

We have selected Kaileah Jenkins as our student of the month because Kaileah became a first time reader!!! During our Guided Reading Group, you could see it in her eyes as all of the parts came together for her…and she read her very first book!!! She was then able to sit in our Authors Chair and read her book to our class as we celebrated her!! This was her very first time reading a book and we are so very proud of her!!!


Jah’Marcus Mitchell (Ms. Span)

We have selected Jah’Marcus Mitchell as our student of the month because it is a pleasure to have Jah’Marcus Mitchell in my classroom. Jah’Marcus gets all of his work done on time and he is kind to his peers. He is also helpful and follows the classroom rules.



First Grade

Cedric Freeman (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Cedric Freeman as our student of the month because Cedric is always willing to help anyone at any time…no matter what. As a matter of fact, he’s the class computer expert and is always happy to assist his peers with troubleshooting and accessing I-ready. In academics, he has grown leaps and bounds this school year; he consistently puts forth earnest effort by never giving up. He does an excellent job at paying attention in order to learn new concepts and completing his assignments with pride. Congratulations Cedric! Keep up the great work!!


Kendrick Harley (Ms. Kardon)

We have selected Kendrick Harley  as our student of the month because Kendrick has been showing improvements in his academics and behavior. He has always been a good friend but now is becoming a first time listener in the classroom. Kendrick has worked very hard to improve his grades and is able to control his emotions. We are proud of Kendrick’s hard work!



Second Grade

Jourdynn Long (Ms. Capobianco)

We have selected Jourdynn Long as our student of the month because she is a wonderful friend! When someone is having big feelings, like sad or mad, she helps them take care of their emotions. She is also a good helper when friends are feeling hurt or struggling in the classroom. She is always willing to share and spread her love to our classroom family!


Jamya Scurry (Ms. Fonger)

We have selected Jamya Scurry as our student of the month because Jamya perseveres when things get tough. Jamya has really shown growth over the last few weeks. She is giving it her all when it comes to her school work. I have really seen her take the incentive to improve her grades by practicing her spelling and sight words each week! We are all so proud of Jamya and her hard work. It is inspiring to us all! Keep it up, girl!

Third Grade

Kroy Dowdell-Stamper

We have selected Kroy Dowdell-Stamper as our student of the month because Kroy is such a ray of sunshine in his homeroom. He is very positive and has demonstrated consistent attitude of perseverence as the school year has progressed. He is always willing to learn and grow from all of his experiences. Awesome job Kroy!!


Mariyah Rolle (Ms. George)

We have selected Mariyah Rolle as our student of the month because Mariyah’s positive and optimistic attitude towards school, learning and her peers is infectious. She is always willing to support other scholars and provide help when she is asked. Way to go Mariyah!



Fourth Grade

Mali Thomas (Mr. Jolly)

We have selected Mali Thomas as our student of the month because Mali has grown tremendously as a scholar and a leader in the classroom. Mali always comes to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. Congratulations Mali! Keep up the good work!


Josiah McCool (Ms. Davis)

We have selected Josiah McCool as our student of the month because Josiah is a great student and friend to his peers. He is always willing to help his peers and his teachers. He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone of his peers is included.



Fifth Grade

Cameron Garner (Ms. Green)

We have selected Cameron Garner as our student of the month because Cameron Garner has shown a tremendous amount of improvement and has become a model school citizen.  His classmates say that he consistently shows kindness to others.  He thinks of others and tries to help them out whenever possible by encouraging or offering a compliment of Good Job.  He tries his best on i-Ready as well.  He has already completed his 3 lessons passed with a passing score of 100%.  Way to Go Cameron!  Continue to Shine!


Jayce Bow (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Jayce Bow as our student of the month because Optimism is defined as hopeful and confident in the future or outcome of something. As a class, Jayce Bow was selected for his optimism as he is the reigning poster boy according to the definition. No other scholar was selected to vote on. The scholars say that he is very confident in the future as well as the present and tends to motivate others to do their very best and to see what they do as good.



Staff Highlight

Ms. Reynolds (School Manager)

Team Tiger has selected Ms. Reynolds as our Staff Highlight of the month because Ms. Reynolds is always uplifting and motivating our staff, students and families. She goes the extra mile to make things fun and exciting for everyone. Ms. Reynolds is always willing to jump in to help plan events, or celebrate others and it is appreciated by all. Thank you for all you do for your Tiger Family! 🙂