January Student of the Month


Jayla Long (Ms. Bourne)

Jayla is a great leader in the classroom. She stays on task at all times. Jayla is respectful and willing to learn new things. She is always kind to others.

Ca’Ron Hicks (Ms. Copeland)

Ca’Ron is a first time listener. He does not give up when facing a task that is difficult and always does his best. We are so PROUD of you!





Jorian Davis (Ms. Daniels)

Jorian is always well-mannered and shows respect to his teachers and classmates (and other peers). He is always willing to help others and has a zeal for learning new things. He is our team captain for this month and we love having him on our “TEAM”.



TaKhori Hall (Ms. Willis)

TaKhori shows great effort. He is here every day and has an awesome attitude towards learning. He shows great compassion, honesty and responsibility. He is an awesome Tiger scholar.




First Grade

Ava Oates (Ms. Capobianco)

Ava is a great school citizen. When we are feeling down, she helps us feel better! Ava is also a great scholar who never gives up, even if it is hard!




Richard Anderson (Ms. Fonger)

Richard perseveres when things are tough. He has also begun to care for others’ feelings and help them when they struggle. We are very proud of him!




Second Grade

Johnny Mapp (Ms. Hughes)

Johnny is an outstanding example of a distinguished scholar. He is helpful and kind to his peers.





Third Grade

Zhane Easley (Ms. Butler)

Zhane has quickly integrated herself into the in-person class setting, showing bravery and determination.

Tailynn Horne (Ms. George)

We have been learning about optimism and Tailynn is very optimistic. He things positively about the future and works hard to achieve his goals.


Fourth Grade

Jayce Bow (Ms. Billups)

Jayce is always willing to help a classmate. Jayce is always ready and willing to assist his teachers when in need.




Damar Gauldin (Ms. Davis)

Damar has been making really good choices and supporting his peers academically. Damar is the first to offer help to his peers and teachers.


Staff Highlight

Ms. Didier (Student Support Services Director)