March Student of the Month


Ny’Asia Lloyd (Ms. Bourne)

We are excited to nominate Ny’Asia Lloyd for Student of the Month. Ny’Asia is learning to have good social interactions with her peers. She is kind, gentle and very personable. She is much more focused and takes pride in her work. We are proud of you, Ny’Asia!

Railyn Graham (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Railyn Graham as our student of the month because Railyn is a caring, sweet and helpful girl.  She is always willing to help her classmates and share with others.  Railyn sets a GREAT example for the other scholars.  LEGO – “RAILYN”!!




Ja’Mya Reddick (Ms. Span)

We have selected Ja’Mya Reddick as our student of the month because it is a pleasure to have Ja’Mya in my class. I love seeing this sweet face enter my classroom each morning.  She is courteous and shows good manners in the classroom.  Ja’Mya works really hard with working towards her academic goals.  She is such a special part of our kindergarten class and I feel honored to be her teacher.


Ca’Ron Hicks

We have selected Ca’Ron Hicks as our student of the month because of his love for learning new things, and never giving up no matter how complicated something may seem at first. If there is something he does not know he is not afraid to ask any one around him.  Ca’Ron is very eager to help all of his peers whenever. Ca’Ron has a sense of humor that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


First Grade

Nicholas King (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Nicholas King as our student of the month because Nicholas has grown overall in all areas of academics.  He listens, participates in lessons, completes assigned tasks within a timely manner and does not interfere with other students working on their assignments.  Nicholas has been doing exceptionally well in following directions, staying on task, and doing the RIGHT THINGS, the RIGHT WAY!  I am so proud of all the effort he puts forth in setting an example for others to follow.  Great job Nicholas!!

Dextyn Douglas (Ms. Kardon)

We have selected Dextyn Douglas  as our student of the month because Dextyn is always the first student to lend a helping hand. Dextyn is consistently doing the right thing, working hard and using his manners. Dextyn is an absolute joy to have in the classroom!



Second Grade

Kaiden Beverley (Ms. Capobianco)

We have selected Kaiden Beverley as our student of the month he is an enthusiastic learner! Kaiden is always very interested in our lessons, is engaged during our read alouds, and works hard during independent work. His love for learning and his willingness to participate are contagious!


Aaliyah Carter (Ms. Fonger)

We have selected Aaliyah Carter as our student of the month because Aaliyah certainly has a love of learning! She is always very eager to learn. She is a great example of a leader in the classroom. We all love the clarifying questions she asks! We are so proud of you, Aaliyah! Keep up the great work!


Third Grade

Malik Williams (Ms. Mitchell)

We have selected Malik Williams  as our student of the month because Malik is always enthusiastic about his learning and encourages his classmates to be just as serious about learning as he is. He is a leader in the classroom and is becoming the best tiger he can be!


Corey Spriggs (Ms. George)

We have selected Corey Spriggs as our student of the month because he brings an enthusiastic attitude to everything he does, and he genuinely wants to learn and shows it in his participation in the classroom.  He is taking steps to overcoming behavioral issues and is striving towards being the best tiger he can be!


Fourth Grade

Ziara Jones (Mr. Jolly)

We have selected Ziara Jones  as our student of the month because Ziara is a very energetic student with a thirst for knowledge and is always looking to learn.




Madison Caldwell (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Madison Caldwell as our student of the month because Madison is kind to all her classmates and she is always ready to learn. She is a true leader!




Fifth Grade

Jh’Nayla Waters (Ms. Green)

We have selected Jh’Nayla Waters as our student of the month because Jh’Nayla has a love for learning.  She tries her best to complete all of her classwork assignments.  She participates in class by raising her hand, feels comfortable asking questions and goes the extra mile to help others learn concepts in Math.  Way to go Jh’Nayla!  Keep up the good work!


Noah Buie (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Noah Buie as our student of the month because He shows great enthusiasm. When we do normal classwork he is always ready to get it done. He may not always be in the mood to do it, but he gets it done anyways. Even during Ms. Green’s class, he always is ready to get his iReady and classwork done. We are proud of Noah for always putting his schoolwork as a priority!



Staff Highlight

Mr. Moore (5th Grade ELA Teacher)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Mr. Moore this month because He genuinely cares for the students, staff and school.  His support and care for the student is evident in his conversations and laughter with the kids.  The ability to provide advice and words of wisdom to give that they can remember when faced with difficult situations is a gift.  He is a story teller.  Kids and adults love his stories!  His ability to relate and connect to students and staff shows his willingness to go above and beyond!