November Student of the Month


Messiyah Wilson (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Messiyah Wilson  as our student of the month because Messiyah is a scholar who shows courage in the classroom. When faced with challenges,  we see him being being very courageous as he pushes past the challenge to accomplish his goal. Messiyah has a calm, pleasant personality and he is kind to his teachers and peers. It is a joy to have him on the Clemson Tigers Team!

Jasir Brooks (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Jasir Brooks as our student of the month because Jasir is a VPK Leader, he loves helping others.  He sets a great example for the other scholars.  He is a big help in the classroom. We love having Jasir in our classroom! Way to Go Jasir!




Olivia Hamilton (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Olivia Hamilton  as our student of the month because Olivia is always kind to her classmates, does what she can to help them when possible, and is always grateful for opportunities given to her.

Jahnay Palmer (Ms. Span)

We have selected Jahnay Palmer as our student of the month because Jahnay is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  She is also,  kind and helpful to everyone in the classroom.  Jahnay can be depended on to do what she  is asked to do.  She follows directions and is well liked by her peers.


First Grade

Kenya Harris (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Kenya Harris as our student of the month because It’s wonderful having Kenya in my class. She’s always in such a great mood and consistently has a smile on her face when she arrives in the morning. Kenya works very hard to stay on task and follows class expectations in “Doing the Right Things, the Right Way.”  She is always willing to lend a helping hand to both the teacher and her peers.  Matter of fact, Kenya is not only a good friend, but she is kind and generous to everyone in our class. Recently, we were talking about having hot chocolate when it gets colder; I purchased the hot chocolate packets, but kept forgetting the cups and creamer.  Within the same week, Kenya walked into class with both the cups and creamer for the entire class!  How thoughtful!!  It’s such a pleasure having Kenya in my class.  I could not have asked for a nicer scholar.

Journey Johnson (Ms. Johnson)

We have selected Journey Johnson as our student of the month because We have selected this student because she has shown great kindness and gratitude to her other scholars by coming to school and willing to give someone the jacket off her back if the other person is cold. She always says thank you when she is given something


Second Grade

Leiah Lundy (Ms. Mitchell)

We have selected Leiah Lundy as our student of the month because Leiah is honest, kind and works hard to complete her schoolwork. She is inquisitive and eager to assist her classmates. Leiah is a joy to teach!

Adrianna Gamble (Ms. Harrell)

We have selected Adrianna Gamble as our student of the month because Adrianna is the student of the month because she works hard, is kind to others, and is a fantastic friend and helper to everyone she meets. She sets a great example to her classmates and has a positive attitude about her learning. We are so proud of you, Adrianna!


Third Grade

Lamareya Robinson-Bell (Ms. Spencer)

We have selected Lamareya Robinson-Bell as our student of the month because Ms. Lamareya Robinson-Bell is the definition of an astute student! She is always on point academically and moves in a proactive way through-out her day. Not only is Ms. Robinson-Bell sharp in class and during her lessons but, she assist other team mates when needed. Student has a humbling manner and never allow distractions to interfere with her demeanor nor her curriculum.

Aiden Capers (Ms. Wood)

We have selected Aiden Capers as our student of the month because I have selected Aiden because Aiden is generous to others and he is are never too busy to help out. Aiden enjoys doing good deeds for other people.



Fourth Grade

Ryley Scott (Ms. Green)

We have selected Ryley Scott as our student of the month because Ryley is a great school citizen. She continues to show kindness to others and help them when they are in need.  The class can depend on her to have something positive to say about any of the classmates.  She is kind to all and a joy to have in class.

Tyriq Brooks (Ms. Hughes)

e have selected Tyriq Brooks as our student of the month because Tyriq shows kindness to his classmates.  He consistently maintains a caring attitude when listening and helping others.  He will showcase good sportsmanship while playing with others in and outside of the classroom.  We congratulate Tyriq for being such a commendable scholar for his peers!


Fifth Grade

Ahriyah Ham (Ms. George)

We have selected Ahriyah Ham as our student of the month because Ahriya  consistently demonstrates bravery in Math and Science with her willingness to try new things even when she may not be fully comfortable with them. While she is not always as successful as she would like, she keeps on being brave and trying anyway. Way to Go Ahriya!


Jaylah Thompson (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Jaylah Thompson as our student of the month because Kindness is the street that the scholar we picked must live on. She embodies this quality or trait. Jaylah Thompson is always going out of her way to be nice to her fellow peers, as well as her teachers. On a typical day, she can be found helping other scholars who do not understand their work. She tends to put the needs of others before herself.



Staff Highlight

Ms. Daniels (Music Teacher)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. Daniels this month because Ms. Daniels is such a caring educator. As I have watched her interact with my scholars during Music, she finds so many ways to incorporate reading and math strategies and standards into her lessons in such fun and engaging ways. She is always willing to assist on short notice and is so flexible. Ms. Daniels is always willing to help students who may need a check-in, a mentor, or support and is such an awesome model for creating those crucial relationships! We appreciate you 🙂