November Student of the Month


Avery Capers (Ms. Bourne)

Avery is a model student in Room 209. He stays on task and comes to school every day ready to learn. Avery is respectful, mannerly, and kind to his classmates. Great job Avery!




Amare Durham (Ms. Copeland)


Leiah Lundy (Ms. Daniels)

Leiah has always been a positive role model for all students to follow. She is respectful, hard working, and kind. She truly exemplifies all the acts of kindness. Leiah has a zeal for learning and she is always a first time listener. We love you!



Bri’lynn Martin (Ms. Willis)

Bri’lynn is an amazing scholar. She is thoughtful and respectful. She is kind and supportive to her classmates. She is a very responsible scholar.




First Grade

Kaiden Beverley (Ms. Capobianco)

Kaiden has a growth mindset that he uses every day, even when we are learning new things! We love having Kaiden in our class family because he is kind, respectful, and always helps us.




Aiden Capers (Ms. Fonger)

Aiden is an exemplary scholar He is a first time listener and always tries his hardes. Aiden perseveres even when things are tough. We love having Aiden in our class.




Second Grade

Ryley Scott (Ms. Hughes)

Ryley has a positive attitude towards learning. She shows a genuine interest in all subjects. She effectively applies new concepts and techniques. Ryley is an asset to Team Second Grade!

Yahmoni Davis (Ms. Kardon)

Yahmoni is a great role model. He is always helping others feel happy. Yahmoni is always focused and ready to learn.





Third Grade

Mali Thomas (Ms. Butler)

Mali has persevered online in her academics and social engagement with her peers. Her diligence and attention to detail in all she does is evident in her smile and enthusiasm to learn. Mali’s curious and creative personality definitely adds to our class.

Caleb Garner (Ms. George)

Caleb has shown persistence, gratitude, and open mindedness as a student new to Tiger Academy who has also had to adjust to face-to-face learning from virtual learning.

Fourth Grade

Albert Walker (Ms. Billups)

Albert is considerate of others and their feelings. He thinks before doing anything. Albert is a great friend and classmate.




Jazzmyn Stringfield (Ms. Davis)

Jazzmyn is supportive of her teachers and her peers. She is always willing to help others. Jazzmyn is also an excellent Math scholar and artist!

Fifth Grade

Janiya Williams (Ms. Angelica)

Janiya is always kind to others. She is patient and looks for opportunities to help her peers.

Shirlea Sumlar (Mr. Moore)

Staff Highlight

Ms. Wesley (Primary Paraprofessional)

Ms. Wesley always jumps in to help out in any way wherever she is needed. Ms. Wesley comes in with a positive attitude and always supports her co-workers and the kids. We appreciate you!