November Student of the Month


Javantee Brumfield (Ms. Bourne)

Javantee exhibits positive qualities in the classroom. He is an excellent listener. He is kind and gentle with his peers. Javantee has a desire to learn and always tries to do his best. Javantee also enjoys having conversations with his peers and his teachers. We are proud of Javantee!


Ava Magee (Ms. Copeland)

Ava is an awesome scholar who shows love for learning. Ava is always willing to help her teachers and share with her friends. Ava is a first time listener each and every day. We are so proud of you!




Trenton Williams (Ms. Ciopryna)

Trenton is a role model for the other students. He is always helping others out when they are in need. Trenton always strives to do his best no matter how difficult the task is.



Talia Myers (Ms. Span)

It is a pleasure to have Talia in our classroom. Talia is a very hard worker. She follows all of the expectations. Talia loves helping her teacher with various tasks. She is also eager to participate during class discussions. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication towards school.


First Grade

Prince Maddox (Ms. Gray)

It is a pleasure to select Prince Maddox as student of the month. Prince arrives to class every day with a smile on his face. Prince loves to learn and enjoys challenging himself in math. He always pays attention, follows directions, and applies concepts being taught with ease. Prince gets along will with all his peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He has excellent marksin conduct and sets a great example for his peers. It is such an honor having this student in our class. Congratulations Prince! Keep up the great work!

Bri’Lynn Martin (Ms. Kardon)

Bri’Lynn loves learning. She passes all of her lessons on iReady and always completes her work. She is smart, kind and caring.




Second Grade

Andriana Covington (Ms. Capobianco)

Andriana shows kindness by being a good friend. She is a great leader in the classroom and when we play football outside. We love how Andriana comes in with a positive attitude.



Richard Anderson (Ms. Fonger)

Richard is brave and is always willing to try new things. We love how Richard is kind to his classmates and tries his best to follow our class expectations. He enjoys his friends in our class and we surely enjoy him!



Third Grade

Richard Anderson (Ms. George)

Richard is an excellent school citizen who models Tiger’s values every day. He is consistently on task and focused and strives to do his best every day.




Johnny Mapp (Ms. George)

Johnny comes in every day ready to learn, work hard and do his best. He consistently tries hard to be a model citizen and remember that other people matter.




Fourth Grade

Janiyah Ellerbee (Mr. Jolly)

Janiyah is always kind and a positive energy in the classroom. Mr. Jolly’s homeroom is so lucky to have someone like her. Thank you Janiyah for working so hard not only on your academics but also at being a great school citizen!


Jah’Nae Matthews (Ms. Davis)

Jah’Nae makes really good choices when completing her work. She really treats her peers with kindness and respect.




Fifth Grade

Jalen Brookins (Ms. Green)

Jalen’s classmates voter for her because she is always kind to others. She helps and is very supportive to her classmates.




Lunden Mapp (Mr. Moore)

“We chose Lunden as the student of the month because of her bravery. When she is called on in class, even if she doesn’t know the answer, she will at least say something. Also, when a foundation comes to our school, the visitors asked for volunteers to share their posters we made, and she went up in front of the whole 5th grade and other.” -Mr. Moore’s Class

Staff Highlight

Ms. Kardon (1st Grade Teacher)

Ms. Kardon works extremely hard for her students each and every day. She comes in with a positive attitude no matter how tough it has been the day before. Thank you for bringing your positive energy to Team Tiger!