November Student of the Month


Kingston Evans (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Kingston Evans as our student of the month because Kingston Evans is an awesome student whose knowledge and charisma is quite impressive. Kingston has been very consistent with a great attitude since the beginning of the school year. He is not afraid of new situations and is always willing to learn new things. Kingston is gentle and kind with his peers. He enjoys helping others and can be counted on to readily share his knowledge. When asked, he is gracious enough to allow his peers the opportunity to share as well.


Royalty Lee (Ms. Thomas)

We have selected Royalty Lee as our student of the month because Royalty is a first time listener.  She is very kind to everyone, respectful at all times, and a great leader.




Josiah Long (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Josiah Long as our student of the month because Josiah is one of the kindest people in our classroom. He is always there for his classmates and friends. He shows gratitude for all the things he has in and out of the classroom. It is a joy to have such a kind soul in class.


Willow-Rose Manning (Ms. Span)

We have selected Willow-Rose Manning as our student of the month because Willow is such a trustworthy worthy scholar.  She is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  Willow sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation.  She also displays good citizenship by assisting other students and shows fairness in distributing group tasks.  It is such a great pleasure to have Willow be a part of  Tiger Academy.


First Grade

Kerry Dean (Ms. Lee)

We have selected Kerry Dean as our student of the month because Kerry is extremely thankful throughout the day. He doesn’t mind being brave in class when it’s time to participate and he never shies away from being kind to his peers.


Second Grade

Jayla Long (Ms. Wood)

We have selected Jayla Long as our student of the month because Jayla is willing to try new things even if she may be scared. Jayla continues trying to master new skills even when she may be frustrated. When no one is look and when someone is, Jayla always does the ‘right’ thing in difficult situations: example like standing up for a classmate who is being bullied.

Ca’Ron Hicks (Ms. Menjivar)

We have selected Ca’ Ron Hicks as our student of the month because Ca’Ron is brave and takes chances with his academics. He never gives up and is always helpful to his peers. He is also always grateful and kind to both his peers and his teachers!
That is why Ca’Ron is our student of the month!


Third Grade

Michael Ross (Ms. Spencer)

We have selected Micheal Ross as our student of the month because Michael is such a leader. He comes to school prepared and he is always ready to learn. Michael follows direction and is always reminding his peers to stay on track. He is a great scholar inside and out the classroom.


Kaleb Smith (Ms. Holt)

We have selected Kaleb Smith as our student of the month because We have selected this student because he shown kindness and gratitude. He is extremely thankful whenever he receives anything and extremely  kind hearted to his peers and teachers.


Fourth Grade

Makenzie Wise (Ms. Green)

We have selected Makenzie Wise as our student of the month because Makenzie shows kindness to her classmates and teachers.  She cheers others on as they celebrate their accomplishments.  She strives to be a good role model by smiling and listening to her peers as they share their work in front of the class.  She follows CHAMPS and maintains a positive attitude even during resource.  Way to Go Makenzie!  Keep up the good work of showing forth kindness!

Joshua Anderson (Ms. McGriff)

We have selected Joshua Anderson as our student of the month because Joshua is a hard worker. He has showed so much improvement in class. He helps his peers and loves to learn!



Fifth Grade

William Baker (Ms. Muldrow)

We have selected William Baker as our student of the month because he is always full of positive energy and exudes kindness wherever he goes.  He is a pleasure to have in class!



Jannette Smith (Ms. Beatty)

We have selected Jannette Smith as our student of the month because She shows bravery in taking on challenging tasks in class and putting herself out there every morning for announcements. She is always kind to others.



Staff Highlight

Mr. Norman (PE Teacher/Afterschool Director)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Mr. Norman this month because Mr. Norman shows forth kindness with all of the students and staff at Tiger. He is willing to work with any student no matter how difficult the student maybe. He talks to the students in a calm and kind voice, yet gets his point across. The students look forward to him saying the afternoon announcements with a smile. Mr. Norman is a great person to work with and I truly appreciate the time and effort he puts into doing an excellent job. His ability to work so well with others is truly a gift. Thank you for always putting in your best effort at work. Your commitment to your job is much appreciated. Thanks for all you do!