October Student of the Month


Ky’mani Crooms (Ms. Copeland)

Camryn Kendrick (Ms. Bourne)


Terry Hagans (Ms. Daniels)

We enjoy having Terry on our “TEAM’. He’s our TEAM captain for the month of October. He is an outstanding virtual scholar. Terry always comes to class prepared and ready to learn. He has truly been an exemplary scholar that we love dearly.



Darnell Smith Jr. (Ms. Willis)

Darnell is an awesome virtual student. He is always logged in on time and is prepared for the day. He submits all his assignments promptly and he always has a smile on his face. Darnell is a great example of a Team Tiger scholar. Keep up the great work Darnell!

First Grade

Karter Campbell (Ms. Capobianco)

Karter is a great member of our TEAM! Karter is considerate of all of her classmates and is always the first one up to help her friends when they are hurt, need help cleaning up, or knock down their shield.

Kennedi Thornes (Ms. Fonger)

Kennedi is a first grade leader. She sets a great example for the other scholars. She is a big help in the classroom. We love having Kennedi in our class!

Second Grade

Tiffany Killian (Ms. Hughes)

Tiffany is an outstanding leader, She is helpful and a model example of a distinguished scholar.





Mariyah Rolle (Ms. Kardon)

Third Grade

Madison Caldwell (Ms. Butler)

Madison is consistent and focused on learning. she has a great depth of balance in being social at the appropriate times and properly communicating her needs academically. Madison ensures that she has a well rounded learning experience whether online or in person. She is soft spoken, but participates and shares in class and when building relationships with her peers. We are grateful for Madison’s gift to our class.

Jena Alderman (Ms. George)

Jena is a conscientious and considerate student. She works well with her peers and is always willing to help them and her teacher when they need it. She is a classroom leader with a friendly and kind personality. Keep it up Jena!




Fourth Grade

Bobby Johnson (Ms. Billups)

Bobby is very considerate of others even when it is time to be competitive. He is very dependable and always willing to assist myself or his classmates.

Curtis Green (Ms. Davis)

Curtis always works hard and follows directions. He is kind and considerate and is always willing to help others.

Fifth Grade

Jaden McDuffie-Frazier (Ms. Angelica)

Jaden is usually one of the first people that logs into class and always participates. Even though he is a virtual student, he is rarely off task and is always enthusiastic.

Ariel Rogers (Mr. Moore)

Ariel has been a great leader. She is usually fully present and engaged in class. She helps her fellow classmates whenever they need assistance.




Staff Highlight

Ms. Jenkins (Custodian)

Ms. Jenkins makes it a point to always get to know the students’ names. She helps keep them accountable for cleaning up after themselves and goes above and beyond to keep Tiger sanitized. She’s amazing!