October Student of the Month


Zaylynn Williams (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Zaylynn Williams as our student of the month because Zaylynn exemplifies several good qualities in our classroom. She is very attentive to what’s going on around her, as well as being attentive to her peers. Zaylynn is very eager to help others and she seems to enjoy sharing with her friends. She is respectful and loving and it is a joy to have her on our team!

Newton Brown (Ms. Copeland)

We have selected Newton Brown as our student of the month because We enjoy having Newton in our classroom. Newton is  willing to help his friend.  He is an outstanding scholar.  He is always prepared and ready to learn.




Kerry Dean (Ms. Span)

We have selected Kerry Dean as our student of the month because Kerry exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom.  He is also courteous and shows good manners.  Kerry shows respect for teachers and peers.   He is also, well-liked by  his classmates.  It is a pleasure to have Kerry be a part of our kindergarten class.


First Grade

Ja’Marcus Mitchell (Ms. Gray)

We have selected Jah’Marcus Mitchell as our student of the month because It’s wonderful having Jah’Marcus in my class. He’s always in such a great mood and consistently has a smile on his face when he arrives in the morning! Jah’Marcus follows class expectations on “Doing the Right Things, the Right Way,” with ease.  He is kind to all his peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand to both the teacher and his classmates.  He stays on task, focused and works hard at completing all assignments.   Jah’Marcus, you ROCK!!


Second Grade

MaKiyah Laws (Ms. Mitchell)

We have selected MaKiyah Laws  as our student of the month because MaKiyah is a star student! She is passionate about reading, writing and drawing. She is kind and helpful and excels in all her studies. MaKiyah is an absolute joy to teach.


Kaleb Smith (Ms. Walker/Ms. Harrell)

We have selected Kaleb Smith as our student of the month because Kaleb Smith is a SUPERSTAR student and a fantastic young man. Kaleb has a positive attitude, is kind to others, and loves to learn. He sets an example for his classmates and is respected by his peers. I love that Kaleb views challenges as opportunities for growth and always keeps us smiling with his wonderful sense of humor. Keep being you, Kaleb!


Third Grade

Joshua Anderson (Ms. Spencer)

We have selected Joshua Anderson as our student of the month because Joshua has such a humbling spirit and always carries a positive attitude. He is always focus and attentive no matter the task or challenge at hand. He shows growth and constant improvement both in class and on his homework. He completes his work in class and is always searching for ways to continue learning even when he has done more than expected. I enjoy having, Mr. Anderson as a student and look forward to his continued present and integrity that he brings to our classroom.

Mackenzie Wise (Ms. Wood)

We have selected Mackenzie Wise as our student of the month because with the above character traits in mind, she displays harmony in her feelings, thoughts, and actions toward herself and others.



Fourth Grade

William Baker (Ms. Green)

We have selected William Baker as our student of the month because William is an excellent role model who has an open mind.  He is willing to work with others and support an opinion, even if it is different from his.  His leadership skills are shown when he leads his team by redirecting them to stay on task and maintaining integrity when completing tasks.  Way to go William!

Kari Hicks (Ms. Hughes)

We have selected Kari Hicks as our student of the month because Kari Hicks is an outstanding leader. She is a great assistant with her peers and is always practicing integrity.


Fifth Grade

Janiyah Ellerbee (Ms. George)

We have selected Janiyah Ellerbee as our student of the month because Janiyah shows integrity in all of her interactions at school each day with both scholars and peers. She is open-minded and present with others and gives her full attention when interacting. She represents herself and her school well. Janiyah, you are an amazing scholar…Keep up the good work!!

Layla Reeves (Mr. Moore)

We have selected Layla Reeves as our student of the month because Integrity must be her middle name… When it comes to integrity, which happened to be one of vocabulary words two weeks ago, the scholars believe that the scholar they have chosen embodies it. That scholar is Layla Reeves and she is always a young lady that sets the example of honesty. She is truthful with her peers and she does not beat around the bush when it comes to whether she did something. She owns it and the scholars feel safe coming to her because she is truly an honest person


Staff Highlight

Ms. Nicholson (Primary Assistant Teacher)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. Nicholson this month because Pamela Nicholson always brings a smile to everyone on the team; she always boosts our spirits when we need it most. She’s first to volunteer a helping hand with assisting where ever she is needed. Thank you for your help and support. You are really an asset to the team and the organization.