October Student of the Month


Realynn Byers (Ms. Bourne)

Realynn is a model student in the classroom. She is very attentive and strives to be a good friend. Realynn is kind, gentle and loving. She is patient and helpful with her peers. We selected Realynn because of the wonderful qualities she has. Congratulations Realynn!

Reagan Byers (Ms. Copeland)

Reagan is a wonderful scholar who shows kindness every day to her classmates and teachers. Reagan is always willing to help her friends and share with others. We love having Reagan in our Pre-K class!



Zi’mir White (Ms. Harper)

Zi’mir is new to Tiger Academy. He begins his day helping his friends settle into the morning routine. He is a first time listener and follows directions well. Zi’mir takes an active role in class discussions and uses his time wisely. Congratulations Zi’mir for being selected as our class Student of the Month!


Girrell Williams (Ms. Span)

Girrell has been doing wonderful and we are so happy that he is in our class. He follows all of the expectations and works very hard. Girrell also loves to help his peers. Girrell is eager to participate during our class discussions. Thank you so much Girrell for your hard work and dedication.


First Grade

Noel Thomas (Ms. Gray)

It is such a pleasure having Noel in our class. She always has a smile on her face when she arrives in the morning. Noel follows class expectations and “does the right thing, the right way” with ease. She respects everyone and is always willing to lend a helping hand to both the teacher and her peers. She stays on task and focuses on completing all assignments. Noel works very hard to meet and exceed her academic goals. She uses iReady on a regular basis and makes excellent grades on her quizzes. We are so proud of her and could not have asked for a sweeter, kinder, or talented student. Wonderful job, Noel! You are already ready to rock second grade!


Dextyn Douglas (Ms. Kardon)

Dextyn is always ready to learn and kind to others. He is a great helper and leader. Dextyn is friends with everyone and we love him!


Second Grade

Ava Oates (Ms. Capobianco)

Ava is a model in our classroom who always shows integrity. Ava works hard to accomplish her goals! We also love how Ava cares for everyone in our class family. She always gives us hugs and checks in if she sees we are having a bad day. We love you!


Aiden Capers (Ms. Fonger)

Aiden is an all around awesome scholar! We chose Aiden this month because he really exemplifies the “other people matter” mindset. Thank you Aiden for always being a leader. We love you!



Third Grade

Terence Oates (Ms. Whitehead)

Terence always comes to school with a positive attitude. He is present and gives others his attention with kindness. We love having a positive role model in our school like Terence!



Marcel Williams (Ms. George)

Marcel excels at being present and giving others his full attention. He fully engages with his peers and other adults as he works or plays.




Fourth Grade

Robert Lee (Mr. Jolly)

Robert is a very charismatic and thoughtful student that is always willing to help his fellow classmates. He works really hard and is always looking for ways to improve his grades. Keep up the good work Robert!



Theron Jerido (Ms. Davis)

Theron works really hard in class and makes good choices all of the the time. Theron is a really good friend to all his peers and his teachers.




Fifth Grade

Jalen Brookins (Ms. Angelica)

Jalen helps around the classroom. She is always kind to all students and she is always willing to go above and beyond.




Zi’juana Johnson (Mr. Moore)

Zy is always present and attentive to others. If you’re talking about something no matter how big or small, she will listen regardless of the topic. She is genuinely concerned and willing to help. She’s attentive in class and takes notes and shares them. She’s a great scholar and new found friend.


Staff Highlight

Mr. Jolly (4th Grade ELA Teacher)

Mr. Jolly always comes to school with a positive attitude and a willingness to help. He is very kind and always has a smile on his face. Thank you for the positivity!