October Student of the Month


Tylah Leon (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Tylah Leon as our student of the month because She has many good attitudes which are quite evident in her interactions with her peers and other adults. She’s very giving and helpful to others. She knows the rules and is careful to remind her peers to follow those rules. Tylah is patient and encouraging with others. She sees no limitations and has a vision beyond her years. She is a joy to have on our Team! Way to go, Tylah!


Dallas Campbell (Ms. Thomas)

We have selected Dallas Campbell as our student of the month because Dallas has gone above and beyond helping others in the classroom. She is very respectful to everyone around her.




Janiyah Sheppard (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Janiyah Sheppard as our student of the month because Janiyah is very aware of how her actions and words affect others and uses that knowledge to foster great relationships in and out of the classroom. She is a scholar with a lot of integrity, stands up for what is right, and is always honest.


Jameson Mitchell (Ms. Span)

We have selected Jameson Mitchell as our student of the month because He is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  Jameson is also courteous and shows good manners in the classroom.  It’s such a pleasure to have great students like him in our class.

1st Grade

Olivia Hamilton (Ms. T. Lee)

We have selected Olivia Hamilton as our student of the month because Olivia demonstrates excellent leadership and is helpful to her peers.




Ramsey Wood (Ms. L. Lee)

We have selected Ramsey Wood as our student of the month because Ramsey is extremely caring towards his classmates. If he notices a student struggling to get their work done, he never shy’s away from raising his hand to ask if he’s able to help them. Ramsey is also very open-minded in class; if he isn’t selected to answer a question he will raise his hand at the next opportunity to answer the following question. I am so proud to have Ramsey in my class!

2nd Grade

Jah’Marcus Mitchell (Ms. Wood)

We have selected Jah’Marcus Mitchell as our student of the month because Jah’Marcus has allowed himself to adapt, evolve and have the ability to see other solutions and outcomes where others struggle to overcome.



Jada Reddick (Ms. Menjivar)

We have selected Jada Reddick as our student of the month because Mrs. Menjivar’s class chose Jada Reddick beacuse she is open minded and always puts others first. She is very driven and willing to help her teachers and her peers. She has so much integrity in her academics and social well being. Jada is always presents a positive attitude, even when met with adversity and difficulty. This is why Mrs. Menjivar’s class has chosen Jada Reddick as student of the month.

3rd Grade

Leiah Lundy (Ms. Spencer)

We have selected Leigh Lundy  as our student of the month because Ms. lundy is such a sweetheat. She is always inquiring about what assignments she’s missed, how can she be of support to others, and what can she do to improve in class. Leigh is always on task and always ready to learn.


Malia Walker (Ms. Holt)

We have selected Malia Walker as our student of the month because Malia is a great scholar. She shows leadership skills in and out of the classroom. She follows instructions the first time given and she is beyond helpful with her peers. Malia represents all of the characteristics of ROAR.


4th Grade

Richard Anderson (Ms. Green)

We have selected Richard Anderson as our student of the month because Richard shows a great level of integrity.  He listens when others talk and presents their work. Then, he chooses positive words to say in response. He is very open-minded and forgiving to others.  Even when he knows there is a conflict, he tries to resolve it by showing kindness and leadership.  Way to go Richard!  We are extremely proud of your leadership!


Kaleb Hill (Ms. McGriff)

We have selected Kaleb Hill as our student of the month because Kaleb is always willing to help his peers. He is always on task and he participates and asks questions! Congrats Kaleb!

5th Grade

Deon Cribb (Ms. Muldrow)

We have selected Deon Cribb as our student of the month because He gets along with his classmates and follows directions.




Staff Highlight

Ms. McGriff (4th Grade ELA)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. McGriff this month because Ms. McGriff always comes with a calm and positive demeanor each day.  She has an open mind in the classroom which allow her students to explore and learn in different ways whether that is with classroom management, new activities, or interventions.  Ms. McGriff is always a team player and willing to help her colleagues.  We appreciate all you do! 🙂