September Student of the Month


Jhrae Davis (Ms. Bourne)

Jhrae is adapting very well to life in preschool. He is a team player who interacts well with his peers. Jhrae is friendly and shows concern for others. He is attentive, stays on task and is eager to learn. we are excited to have Jhrae on the Clemson Tiger Team! Way to go, Jhrae!

Willow-Rose Manning (Ms. Copeland)

What a joy to have Willow in our classroom. Willow is a first time listener. She sets the tone for other scholars. She is a big help in the classroom. She loves music! We love having Willow in our Pre-K class. Way to go Willow!


Raelynn Byers (Ms. Rodriguez)

Raelynn is always curious about learning and poses meaningful questions. She always has an “other people matter” mindset and makes sure to help those that need it.

Ruby Bodie (Ms. Span)

It is a pleasure to have Ruby as a Tiger Academy Scholar. Ruby is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. She is courteous and shows good manners in the classroom. Ruby also shows respect for teachers and peers.

First Grade

Ky’mani Crooms (Ms. Gray)

Ky’mani arrives to class everyday with a smile on his face.  He is respectful and kind to everyone.  Ky’mani loves to learn and enjoys challenging himself in math.  He always pays attention, and follow directions. Ky’mani gets along well with all his peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  He has excellent marks in conduct and sets a great example for his peers.  It is such an honor having this student in my class.  Congratulations Ky’mani!!!  Keep up the great work!

Carmyn Kendrick

We selected Carmyn as student of the month because she is a positive light in our classroom! Carmyn is always curious to learn more, but more importantly always willing to help her classmates succeed too. We love that Carmyn is a team player in our classroom!

Second Grade

Bri’Lynn Martin (Ms. Mitchell)

Bri’Lynn was selected for student of the month because she has the “other people matter” mindset. Bri’Lynn is very helpful to her teacher and is a leader in our classroom. We love having Bri’Lynn as part of our class family!

Malia Walker (Ms. Harrel/Ms. Walker)

We selected Malia as student of the month because she is a leader in our second grade classroom! Malia makes us all smile with her leadership qualities, her love for learning, and her ability to work as a team member.

Third Grade

Aiden Capers (Ms. Spencer)

Aiden has been doing an excellent job since the first day of school. He is an awesome listener. He is respectful, kind, willing to help others but most importantly, he always completes his assignments correctly and on time. Aiden has been an exception student and a great role model to our 3rd grade class.

Jourdynn Long (Ms. Wood)

Jourdynn shows continuous care for school property and is always willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand, to not only her peers but to her teachers as well. Jourdynn neatly and passionately completes all homework assignments and has great organizational skills. Jourdynn is very kind, soft spoken and is very dependable.

Fourth Grade

William Baker (Ms. Green)

William is a good class citizen who strives to help others.  He is a role model by showing responsibility by completing assignments and tasks even during centers.  He participates and demonstrates a desire to do his very best, each and every day.  Way to Go William!

Mariyah Rolle

Mariyah is always willing to help her peers and works well with all of her classmates. Keep up the great work, Mariyah!

Fifth Grade

Arielle Harris (Ms. George)

Arielle really displays the spirit of teamwork in our room at her assigned table group as well as with her other peers. She can be counted on the be sure that the people around her have heard the directions and are on task, especially if there is a group incentive. She does so respectfully yet firmly in order to not create trouble and hurt others’ feelings, this is why we nominated her.  We’re proud of you Arielle!!

Gabrielle Littles (Mr. Moore)

The word is phenomenal!!! PHENOMENAL is the word that I am excited to use to describe how this scholar has been in the classroom. Gabby as she is called is a leader and her reputation precedes her, but often her leadership quality has been in the wrong direction. This scholar has matured, risen and exceeded expectations placed before her and her peers. She can be found completing all work and assisting others in the process. A natural born leader using her skill set to help others grow.

Staff Highlight

Ms. Fuller (Instructional Coach)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Tonia Fuller this month because of her willingness to step in and help on short notice and ensure that her colleagues have what they need to accomplish their daily tasks. She does so with poise and grace even when it may be inconvenient. We appreciate you Ms. Fuller!!!

Ms. Hughes (Reading Coach)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Rodina Hughes this month because she has gone above and beyond to help us get started in the classroom. She stays late just to make sure we are prepared and not feeling too overwhelmed. Ms. Hughes is a true team player, and we appreciate you!!