September Student of the Month


Auria Askew (Ms. Bourne)

We have selected Auria Askew as our student of the month because Auria started this school year with a great attitude. She has a quiet confidence about her and shows interest and concern for her peers. Auria works and plays quite well with her new friends. Her ability to follow directions well indicate that she can be an awesome leader. We love having Auria on our Clemson Tiger Team. Congratulations Auria!


Melanie Brown (Ms. Thomas)

We have selected Melanie Brown as our student of the month because Melanie is friendly to everyone in the classroom. Also, she loves school.





Amanda Moss (Ms. Rodriguez)

We have selected Amanda Moss as our student of the month because Amanda is a great leader in the classroom. She is curious about subjects discussed in class and about the world around her which fuels great discussion with teacher and peers. She genuinely cares about others and strives to work as a team (whether with a partner, table, or whole class) to make sure all do well. She is a treat to have in class and I am excited to see her growth this year!


Zaylynn Williams (Ms. Span)

We have selected Zaylynn Williams as our student of the month because Zaylynn is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  She cooperates consistently with her teacher and other students.  She also, follows directions and regularly volunteers to assist in classroom activities.  It is such a pleasure to have Zaylynn be a part of Tiger Academy.


1st Grade

Rubie Bodie (Ms. T. Lee)

We have selected Ruby Bodie as our student of the month because Ruby demonstrates excellent behavior  inside and outside the classroom.




2nd Grade

Ky’mani Crooms (Ms. Wood)

We have selected Ky’mani Crooms as our student of the month because Ky’mani is consistently present and gives others his attention. When he is with other people, he looks at them and listens to their words.



Girrell Williams (Ms. Menjivar)

We have selected Girrell Williams as our student of the month because Girrell is always a team player and willing to help others all the time. He always curious about learning new standards and curriculum. We are so excited that Girrell is our student of the month.



3rd Grade

Adriana Gamble (Ms. Spencer)

We have selected Adrianna Gamble  as our student of the month because You can always find Adrianna ready and at her best. Andriana is always prepared for school, she is a keen listener, completes her work on time and is always looking out for others and ready to assist. I look forward to her growth in 3rd grade as she is already on a roll!

Prince Maddox (Ms. Holt)

We have selected Prince Maddox as our student of the month because Prince has been such a great scholar. He is very attentive, focus and hardworking. He completes his work on time even when he isn’t feeling his best, he still give the assignment at hand all he got.



4th Grade

Brooklyn Fedd (Ms. Green)

We have selected Brooklyn Fedd as our student of the month because She is extremely caring and creative. She participates by raising her hand and cheers on her teammates in class. She is quiet during transitions and independent work time. She’s a good class citizens who uplifts others when there is a struggle. Congratulations Brooklyn! Keep roaring and soaring as a 4th grade scholar!

Antonia White (Ms. McGriff)

We have selected Antonia White as our student of the month because I chose Antonia because she is always so positive and she makes sure to focus on what’s important, which is her work! Great job Antonia!! You are amazing!



5th Grade

Kroy Dowdell-Stamper (Ms. Muldrow)

We have selected Kroy as our student of the month because he follows instructions and is kind to his classmates.




Mariyah Rolle (Ms. Beatty)

We have selected Mariyah Rolle as our student of the month because she is always willing to help others with their work and helps them get on track.

Staff Highlight

Ms. Hill (School Manager)

Team Tiger has chosen to highlight Ms. Hill this month because Ms. Hill has always supported me when I have had a struggle. If ever I have had an issue, Ms. Hill does her best to get me a solution. She always able to help out even when she’s busy! Very pleasant and very easy to work with! Thank you for always being a big help, we appreciate all you do for our Tiger Family! 🙂