September Student of the Month


Dextyn Douglas (Ms. Daniels)

Dextyn is well-mannered and always shows respect to his peers and teacher. He is quiet but is always noticed by his hard work and dedication when he attends our live/virtual lessons. Dextyn also shows a conscientious effort to learn and he follows directions promptly and accurately. We love having Dextyn as our September student of the month and we’re excited to have him on our #TIGERTEAM!!!!

Adriana Gamble (Ms. Willis)

Adriana is always ready and prepared for class. She raises her hand and respects her classmates. She has her uniform on which shows she is truly a part of #TeamTiger. It is a pleasure to have her in class!




First Grade

Joshua Anderson (Ms. Capobianco)

Joshua is a new member of our Tiger Academy family. He has jumped right in, being curious about all things first grade. Joshua has done a great job joining our lives and being active on Google Classroom.

Aaliyah Carter (Ms. Dowell)

Aaliyah is a wonderful scholar who is always on time, muted and ready for the start of our morning and afternoon meetings! She is certainly a team player! I have been so proud of Aaliyah’s hard work with online learning thus far.



Second Grade

Dion Alderman (Ms. Kardon)

Kovae’ Gillyard (Ms. Hughes)

Kovae persevered through his Iready Diagnostic. He worked hard to complete his work independently. During our daily meethings, he was always a shining example, modeling our expectations.




Third Grade

Ziara Jones (Ms. George)

Ziara has been consistently present for all of our morning meetings, excited and ready to learn. She eagerly participates and is not hesitant to ask questions when she doesn’t understand. Her virtual behavior has been respectful of herself and others, not distracting, and clearly follows Tiger’s rules and code of conduct. Way to go Ziara!

Janiya Ellerbee (Ms. Butler)

Fourth Grade

Mekenzie Siplin (Ms. Billups)

Mekenzie is on time to our morning meetings daily. She is always prepared and ready to learn with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She turns her work in on time and takes her time completing her assignments.



Albert Walker (Ms. Davis)

Albert is focused and works hard on his work. He follows directions and shows compassion towards his peers and teachers.




Fifth Grade

Antonio Roberts (Ms. Angelica)

Antonio is a student of the month choice because he adheres to being present, is always on time and displays curiosity for learning along with teamwork.




Reginald Wilson (Mr. Moore)

Reginald is a student of the month because he has shown that other people matter through his willingness to help and has stood out as a leader.




Staff Highlight

Ms. Vee Byrd (School Manager)

Not only is Ms. Vee new to Team Tiger, but she jumps in wherever she is needed by mastering all things COVID-safety, curriculum, and teacher/student resources. We appreciate all you have done in such a short amount of time. Welcome to the TEAM!